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Miles from Tomorrowland“The Lost Empire“

Mission Force One a královna Gemma spojí své síly, aby zachránily její lid před Nemesystémy.

Druhá série: „Galactech: Captain Miles/The Search for Spot“ • „The Blobbysitters/Astro-Cavers“ • „Galactech: How to Build a Robot-Pet/Career Day“ • „Galloping Groundshakers/Galactech: March of the Robo-Penguins“ • „The Tiny Aliens/The Adventures of Jet Retrograde“ • „Galactech: The Galactech Grab/Galactech: An Admiral Rescue“ • „Galaxias Quest/Galactech: Mission the Sun“ • „The First Day of Galactic School/Miles Underwater“ • „The Galactic Fair/Unfair Getaway“ • „Building Day/Galactech: Flight of the Iotas“ • „Galactech: Still Rocketing/Merc’s Night Out“ • „Space Junkers/Help Us, Jet Retrograde!“ • „Blackout on Bloppsburgh/The Robot Thief“ • „Back in the Groove/Saving Lumaro“ • „Galactech: The S’Leet Heist/Galactech: The S’Leet Fleet“ • „Once in a Blue Moon/The Queen Gemma Dilemma“ • „Galactech: The Mystery of the Dinosaurs“ • „Who Stole the Dinosaur?/Nine Minutes ‚Til Bedtime“ • „Chasing the Stormchaser/Galactech: Loretta’s Lost BraceLex“ • „Gamechangers/Goon Baby Goon“ • „Beneath Europa/Callistos on Ice“ „Galactech: The Space Trader Strikes Back/Galactech: The Vanishing Callistos“ • „Galactech: The Search for the Plectrix/Robo-Monkey Business“ • „Connect and Protect“
Season Three: „The Great Space Train Robbery/Mission Pets One“ • „Villain After Villain/The Discover-Bot Takeover“ • „Invaders from Tomorrowland/Rise of the Mountain Crushers“ • „Battle for the Zenith/Mission Force Plus One“ • „The Magsteeds of Infurnia“ • „Stranded in Space/Plant Transplant“ • „How to Build a Better Villain/The Goopopolis Swindle“ • „Bots of Fury/The Accidental Captives“ • „The Junk Monster of Planet Crunkle/The Lost Empire“ • „Face-Off/The Big Escape“ • „Grendel’s Moving Castle/The Great Gadfly“ • „Shoom Balla Boom/Friend or FoeBot“ • „Deep Trouble/Double Trouble“ • „Malison to the Rescue/The Last Guardian“ • „Sideks For Hire/The Illumin-Aliens“ • „Villain Force One/Villain Force Two“ • „The Suit Pursuit/Operation Groovestar“ • „The Space Station Situation“ • „Aggro’s Jam/Sea Change“ • „Saving Silas/Attack of the Arachno-Bots“ • „The Nemesystems Takeover“